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Most art works by Julius Eb are available for purchase. There are different categories:

  • Works will be produced at your request according to your sizing requirements. These are usually unique artworks. You see something on his instagram, Facebook or on this website: please get in touch to discuss details.
  • Certain prints are available in limited editions
  • Some artworks that were shown in exhibitions are available immediately. See the Shop page for details.
  • Certain artworks are also available as NFTs.

Photographs are usually printed on archival paper in museum quality. Depending on size and your needs, prints will be mounted on aluminum composite or other materials.

Works are usually finished with resin which enhances colors and protects the photographic print.

Please note:

Although resin has a glass-like finish it might show slight imperfections and minimal uneven surface. This gives every artwork its unique characteristic. All artworks are ready to hang.

Although ink and paper meets the highest standards, it is recommended not to expose art works to direct sunlight as over time colors will fade and resin will yellow to some degree.